Want to find the right car for you?

Unsure if that repair is needed or done right ?

Race Ready


From a simple visual scans and pre-safety inspections to a detailed multipoint inspections, our professional team of mechanics will ensure you’re not being taken advantage of or buying a boat, automobile or motorcycle that will cost you in the future.

Family Oriented


Our trained and licensed mechanics will source vehicles, boats, and motorcycles anywhere in North America. We can test drive them for your and even negotiate a purchase with the seller.

Race Ready


Vehicles are more complicated than ever and so our professionals can substantiate that you’re getting the right service and/or verify that the service was performed correctly. We communicate directly with the servicing mechanic so you don’t have to.

Save Time & Money

Life is busy and time is scarce. Let our team of professionals save you time and money by sourcing or inspecting your used vehicles and verifying repairs.

Avoid Breakdowns

Professional inspections can help avoid being stranded on the road or lake and potentially save you personal harm or physical damages.

Find The Best

Why limit your options? Our pros will search North America for your ideal boat, motorcycle, or automobile and provide you the best options to choose from.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Too many get ripped off by service stations because they don’t understand the technology. Let us verify repairs are needed and that proper servicing was completed.


Servicing clients across North America, Concierge Inspections offers support in sourcing, purchasing, and inspecting used automobiles, boats, and motorcycles to save you both time and money. We can manage the full experience or just part of it based on your needs. Further, we can verify that recommended repairs are indeed required and verify that approved repairs are completed professionally and without unnecessary ‘extras.’

Our services clients who are very knowledgeable about about motorized vehicles and just need assistance in sourcing vehicles to those who only want to know enough to own and experience a well built and hassle free vehicle. Whichever you are, we’re only a phone call away and ready to service you. Please call 905-580-6695 or complete the contact form.

10000 +

Online Car Scams Reported Annually

$ 817

Avg Annual Repair Cost Per Vehicle


Avg “Lemons” Sold to Consumers Annually

$ 8698

Avg Annual Cost To Operate a Vehicle


Concierge Inspections was formed to help those who wish to buy used cars, boats, motorcycles, or trailers or but either don’t have the time to source the best deals or don’t have the experience to know what is a good deal from a lemon. Similarly, thousands of owners of motorized vehicles are subjected to costly repairs that are either not ”the right fix” or not completed properly, and we’re here to help.

Pete Halasz, the CEO and Founder of Concierge Inspections, has been a licensed automotive technician for over 35 years. Pete’s also a licensed commercial helicopter pilot and certified marine and small engine technician. Having serviced thousands of vehicles of every make and model, as well as hundreds of motorcycles, trailers, and marine vehicles, Pete has seen first-hand the trouble many consumers get in when buying used motorized vehicles or the wasted money spent with unneeded or the wrong repairs.

Save time and money – call Pete today: (905) 580-6695

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