Sourcing, negotiating, inspecting, and verifying repairs on used automobiles, trailers, motorcycles, and boats.

What We Can Do For You


Search local and national resources to compile the best options based on your new or used vehicle needs and provide a detailed analysis and recommendations.


Pre-saftey inspections, scan potential vehicle inspection for any computer/module failures that were possibly erased before.

Test Drive

Will test drive every vehicle for any visible or hidden flaws? i.e.; wheel bearings, slipping transmissions, A/C clutches, steering problems, tire pull, exhaust leaks, etc.


Remove the stress out of contacting and negotiating purchase prices, trades, and delivery of automobiles, boats, trailers or motorcycles.  We’ll do the work, you get the best deal.

Repair Verifications

How do you know if you’re overpaying for preventative or corrective maintenance? Or if it’s even needed? Was it done right? We have you covered.

Background Checks

Will match all V.I.N.’s to the vehicle, perform background check when possible. (No vehicles from the states are registered in the Canadian accident reports). How does one know if it has been in a small or large accident if the insurance wasn’t involved?

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